These 382 Investors Backed the Winner of the Kentucky Derby — Now It’s Your Turn

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Watching live sports is exciting and fun… 

But you know what’s even more fun?

Owning the team, athlete, or racehorse you’re rooting for.

That way, not only do you have financial upside, but you also get a front-row seat to super-cool events. 

For example, 382 ordinary folks like you, with investments as small as $50, had a stake in last year’s winner of the Kentucky Derby.

And not only did they make a financial killing, but 80 of them went to the Derby in person — leading to what the New York Times called “perhaps the biggest winner’s circle party in Derby history.”

Want to get in on the action?

Let me show you how.

Introducing: Commonwealth

Commonwealth is a website and app that allows sports fans to buy shares in high-potential racehorses, as well as up-and-coming golf players like Cooper Dossey and Joey Vrzich.

It’s a mixture of investing, fantasy football, and wild fun.

All investors can take part, regardless of their income or net worth, and minimum investments are as little as $50.

It’s quick and easy to sign up. I just did it in less than 60 seconds.

The 2023 Kentucky Derby

Mage is a chestnut colt bred in Kentucky by Grandview Equine.

He was sired by Good Magic, the U.S. Champion Two-Year-Old in 2017, after he won the 2017 Breeders' Cup Juvenile as a maiden.

Mage is 75% owned by his trainer Gustavo Delgado Sr., the bloodstock agent Ramiro Restrepo, and the real-estate investor Sam Herzberg.

But the other 25% is owned by Commonwealth and 382 Commonwealth investors like you.

When Mage won the Derby last year with 15-1 odds, its owners took home $1.86 million of the $3 million total purse.

Not bad — considering that investors have been earning money on every race Mage has run so far, and will also receive their share of what’s likely to be a multimillion-dollar breeding deal.

Furthermore, they can attend Mage’s workouts and races, and get special access to behind-the-scenes events.

But Mage isn’t Commonwealth’s only winner. For example, it also offered shares in a thoroughbred named Country Grammer, who went on to win the $12 million Dubai World Cup in 2022.

No Legs… But the Ride of a Lifetime

Norma Barnes-Euresti from Battle Creek, Michigan is one of the 382 Commonwealth investors who had bought a stake in Mage.

When her wheelchair got stuck on the muddy track at the Derby, jockeys Gerardo Corrales and Jose Ortiz, who’d just ridden in the Derby, picked her up and put her back on dry land.

As she said on NBC later about the kindness of the jockeys and the whirlwind of excitement from Mage winning the Derby, “I don’t have legs today, but I got the ride of a lifetime.”

Worst-Case Scenario

Now — keep in mind…

Could you lose money on this? Of course. Which is why you shouldn’t invest/bet more than you can afford to lose.

But if you back the “wrong” athlete, at least you can write it off as a tax loss.

On the other hand, if you win, you can make a bundle — and that’s exactly what Commonwealth is already helping its investors do.

To explore more and sign up, click here »

Happy Investing

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