3D-Printed Concrete Technology

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New York, NY

Madco3D is a construction-technology company. It’s developed robotic, autonomous 3D-printing systems, along with design and build services to help solve America’s housing crisis.

This company is able to quickly and efficiently 3D print concrete. In fact, it can print enough concrete to create an 800-square-foot home in less than a week. By using robots to print concrete homes and structures, Madco3D can reduce material waste by up to ninety percent, and reduce construction costs by ten percent.

3D printing is a three-billion-dollar market, and is projected to reach seventy billion dollars by 2028.

Madco3D has partnered with the University of New Hampshire’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Sika, one of the world’s top concrete producers. It’s also helping to create the first high-rise in New York City that will feature 3D-printed concrete.

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Adam Kushner - Chairman and President
Daniel Bernard - Board Secretary


$1.23 million
$301.681K (25%)
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$29.85 million
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Title III
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