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Are you a renter? If so, you’re not alone.

According to recent data from Pew Research, more American households are renting than at any point in the past fifty years.

In the U.S., forty-four million units are rented each year. These tenants spend nearly $700 billion on rent annually, and another eighty-seven billion dollars on security deposits.

Younger people, in particular, gravitate toward renting. Whether by choice or necessity, nearly half of Americans under the age of forty five rent.

Simply put, home rentals is a massive market. And Rentberry is targeting this market with its fully-digital home-rental platform.

Rentberry is a later-stage startup:

• It’s raised twenty-five million dollars from venture investors including Zing Capital, 808 Ventures, Beechwood Ventures, and from angel investors from Google, McKinsey, and CBRE.

• More than half a million people use its platform every month to search for rental properties.

• It was named a top real estate company by Forbes, and captured the “Best Industry Application Award” at the 2017 Global Fintech and Blockchain Industry Awards.

Essentially, Rentberry’s patented platform enables tenants and landlords to streamline the entire rental process. Tenants can use Rentberry to search for properties, take virtual tours, and submit applications. If they move in, they can use the platform to pay rent and even submit maintenance requests.

Landlords, meanwhile, can use Rentberry to receive applications, screen candidates, and accept payments. They can also receive top dollar for their rental through an auction-style bidding process.

Tenants pay a $9.99 fee per application, while landlords pay fifty dollars every thirty days to promote a listing on the Rentberry platform. They also pay twenty dollars per property to cover costs associated with documents, rent collection, and data storage.

In addition to its main rental platform, Rentberry recently launched Happy Seniors, a similar tool for those residing in assisted-living facilities and senior-aged communities.

Launched in 2020, this platform enables owners of senior communities to list vacancies online, and track metrics such as applications and resident satisfaction.

Families, meanwhile, can use the platform’s social media features to stay connected with their loved ones (for instance, they might see photos of their loved one taking a walk outside or playing games with other seniors).

Moving forward, Rentberry aims to establish a new trend that enables people to live and work from home across different rented locations. It calls this trend “flexible living.”

Essentially, Rentberry will purchase and manage properties, then rent them out to tenants for mid-term lengths (three to twelve months). These units will be fully furnished and require no security deposit.

This will enable younger workers to maintain a travel-based lifestyle and have the flexibility to work from home.

Team Background

Denis Golubovskiy - Chief Technology Officer

Denis has a dozen years of experience as a full-stack engineer.

He spent two years as a backend developer with Alterplay, a computer software company. Before that, he held the same role with Trinetix, an IT services business.

Earlier in his career, he was a web developer with Hostels-Ukraine, a real estate platform focused on short-term rentals. Prior to that, he was an engineer with P-host, a software company.

Denis holds a Master’s degree in Informational Security Management from National Aviation University.

Oleksiy Lubinsky - CEO

Prior to starting Rentberry, Oleksiy co-founded CityHour, an IT services company that was featured by Apple as one of the best Business Networking apps. He sold this company in January 2015.

Previously, he was a senior consultant with Deloitte, a professional services company. Before that, he was a financial analyst with Seven Hills, an investment banking firm.

Earlier in his career, Oleksiy was a business analyst with Cisco, a computer networking company.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from UC Berkeley.

Aleksandr Kotovskov - Head of Design

Aleksandr is an award-winning designer who oversees Rentberry’s online platform.

He has been a designer his entire career, having worked for Floorly, a real estate platform; Alty, a computer software company; and Trinetix, an IT services business.

He earned a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management from the National Academy of Culture and Arts Management.


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